American Idol ‘haunted’ mansion now for sale worth $12 million (Photos)

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The house in Los Angeles where American Idol 2011 contestants stayed last March, which was said to be a ‘haunted’ mansion, as shown here in the photos, is now for sale worth $12 million.

According to TMZ on Saturday, April 9, 2011, the two-acre Bel Air mansion where the American Idol Top 13 finalists once stayed and called it as a ‘haunted house’ is on sale for $12 million.

The huge mansion was said to have nine bedrooms, each of them has 1 bathroom and a four-posted bed, and is complete with dark wooden floor.

Among the luxurious amenities found in the 15,000-square foot mansion include a pool table, waterfalls, games room and a koi pond, and overlooking the Hollywood canyons.

However, earlier reports revealed that the American Idol 2011 contestants got scared and left the house, as some creepy stories from them were revealed.

Apparently, the group decided to transfer to another house after they complained about bizarre flickering lights, a spooky spider infestation, and also claimed they saw a bed sheet float down a hallway.

Back in 2009, American Idol Season 8 contestant Anoop Desi told People that fellow contestant Alison Iraheta seems to be convinced that there is lady ghost in that mansion, and goes by the name of “Phyliss“.

“She bangs around and keeps people awake.” Desi was quoted as saying, noting that Alison hears something in her room every night. “I don’t know if someone’s just creeping around in there or what.”

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American Idol ‘haunted’ mansion
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