American Idol Drama: Twitter habit of Ryan Seacrest Causes Spoiler

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Ryan Seacrest

As reported, May 18, 2011, by Reality TV Magazine, American Idol’s hosting duties looks confusing? Not really, as noted, Ryan Seacrest, the shows host, turns to Twitter to pass the time during commercial breaks.

Apparently, Ryan Seacrest is an old American Idol pro. At the same time, as the contestants are nervous and sweating, in the offing for the show host to reveal the outcome, Ryan has sufficient time to tweet.

Ryan was quoted telling Jay Leno on a recent appearance in the Tonight Show, “I actually Twitter on the show.” “I do it sometimes during the commercials on American Idol” he adds.

However, reports said that even as Twitter’s allotted only 140 characters, it was enough to get Ryan into trouble in the past. “I got into trouble one night because we do the show live to the East Coast,” he explains. “And I got into the car and I said who went home. The West Coast got really p-ssed.”

Allegedly, now that American Idol is down to the final three contestants, Seacrest is working meticulously with care. “Now I think about the time zones before I send anything,” he says. “You have to be very careful about it.”

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