American Idol Coin Toss: Scotty McCreery wins yet Lauren Alaina will sing last

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Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina
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According to The Hollywood Reporter as of May 20, 2011, Scotty McCreery, after the American Idol’s traditional coin toss led by Ryan Searest, decided to show off his good Southern boy roots by eventually deferring the decision to Lauren Alaina.

Reportedly, toss coin is conventionally done in the American Idol show to determine the performance order for the awaited night’s final sing-off.

Allegedly, Scotty asked Lauren if she rather sing first or second; consequently, Lauren wisely chose the savvy move to sing the last song for the performance finale.

Based from reports of several entertainment news sites, that the person who performs last is typically thought to have an advantage.

It’s now confirmed from related news report that the two singers will perform live Tuesday from the Nokia Theatre at L.A. with the new champion being named Wednesday.

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