American Idol 2011: Season 10’s Final 24 Contestants; Jennifer Lopez Weeps for Medina

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Twenty four (24) contestants have made it to the final 24 cut in the Season 10 of American Idol 2011, while Jennifer Lopez wept for Chris Medina who was eliminated during the final cut. Entertainment sites reported February 24, 2011.

Lopez had a hard time controlling her tears along with Medina’s, because his girlfriend is in a wheelchair and he needs all the help he can obtain in taking care of his loved one. Lopez was comforted by Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler.

The other finalists are Naima Adedapo, Paul McDonald, Clint Jun Gamboa, Ashton Jones, and Haley Reinhart. The rest of the group who will be on the final 24 is revealed in the next episode. There were tears and shouts of joy as winners and losers emerged from the venue.

This video uploaded by caseycarlsonlegacyx2 is of one of the finalists Clint Jun Gamboa.

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