American Airlines Jetliner and US Cargo Jets In Near Collision Revealed By National Transportation Safety Board

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Boeing Co 777-200
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A Boeing Co 777-200 passenger plane of American Airlines and two C-17 military cargo jets of the United States (US) Air Force almost had a collision last month over the Atlantic Ocean, according to reports by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB).

On January 20, 2011, the American Airlines Flight 951 from John F Kennedy airport in New York was flying southeast and 80 miles away from its destination in Sao Paulo when a warning system alerted air traffic controllers.

C-17 Cargo Jet
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The air traffic system detected that the American Airlines was heading straight into the path of the two military cargo jets that are flying in formation heading northwest to its destination in New Jersey. The controller was able to order the planes to change their course in time, thus, avoiding a collision. The planes were about a mile away from each other at that time.

The NTSB and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) are now conducting a separate review of the controller’s handling of the flights. Procedures that include guidelines in handling military aircraft in formation is also being reviewed.

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