Amenhotep III: Egypt’s Pharaoh with the Most Surviving Statues Up to This Day

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Amnehotep III
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Amenhotep III, Egypt’s pharaoh during the 18th dynasty, has the most surviving statues as archeologists continue to discover and unearth more of these statues up to this day, as reported by international news sites, May 31.

The popular Egyptian pharaoh has also several structures attributed to him, like the scarabs which bear witness to his accomplishments and successes.

These scarabs are found over a wide area of Egypt and reflect Amenhotep III’s influence during his reign.

According to international reports, through the years, over two hundred statues were discovered including a recent one found in his temple in Luxor on May 31.

Archeologists got a glimpse of Amenhotep III’s history based on the various statues unearthed during certain points of his lifetime.

Amenhotep III scarabs, stelas and structures still exist to this day proving Amenhotep III’s influence during that time of Egyptian era from 1388 to 1351 BC .


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