Amazon Kindle Tablet price at $250 for November release, specs revealed, TechCrunch reports

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Updated: September 28, 2011 4:16 p.m.

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The long-time rumored Amazon Kindle tablet is now being slated for a November release and with a selling price $250, with some of the specs also revealed in a report last Friday, September 2, 2011.

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As noted by TechCrunch writer MG Siegler, who claims he have seen and used the Amazon tablet, he has no photos of the device, a provision for getting the information from the unnamed source.

“Not only have I heard about the device, I’ve seen it and used it.” MG Siegler wrote, noting the Amazon Kindle tablet has a 7-inch capacitive touch screen and will run at Android operating system.

Mr. Siegler noted that the Amazon tablet looks very similar with the Blackberry Playbook in terms of form-factor, and will be the first Kindle with a full-color screen but only has 6 GB of storage.

As reported earlier, the Amazon is being predicted to sell 3 to 5 million tablets in the fourth quarter of 2011 if it will cost below $300, and will be released as early as October.

However, TechCrunch noted that Amazon is now targeting the end of November to release their first-ever tablet and the company is now tweaking the software to be used.

For more specifications of Amazon Kindle tablet, here are some of what MG Siegler revealed, which he said he held a DVT (Design Verification Testing) unit.

It has no physical buttons other than the power button and has no camera at all, and will initially for Wi-Fi only but later versions may have 3G connectivity, MG Siegler says.

Unlike the Apple iPad which uses 10-finger multi-touch, Amazon Kindle tablet is being noted to work via two-finger multi-touch. It is a back-lit like tablet and has no e-ink like in an ebook reader.

Amazon tablet‘s main screen was observed as a carousel that looks like Cover Flow in iTunes which displays all the content on the device, including books, apps, and movies, among others.

Apparently, Amazon is also being predicted to release a more expensive, 10-inch version of the tablet in Q1 2012 if sales of the 7-inch version will be a big hit.

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