Amazon EC2 Web hosting service error, Foursquare, Quora and Reddit down

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Amazon‘s cloud-based EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) web hosting service experienced some error and major websites including Foursquare, Quora and Reddit are currently down.

Foursquare down

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As of this writing, Foursquare is still down, but the website says “everything looks to be getting back to normal now”. Hootsuite is still down while Moby which was reported to have been off is now working normally.

“We’re currently having an unexpected outage, and are working to get the site back up as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience.” Question-and-Answer website Quora noted on its homepage.

Meanwhile, social bookmarking site Reddit announced that the website is under “emergency read-only mode” right now, adding that they are still waiting for them to get to their volumes so users cannot log-in yet.

As announced by Amazon on their website that as of 8:54 a.m. (PDT) on Thursday, Amazon EC2, or Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud in North Virginia, experienced “a large amount of re-mirroring of EBS volumes in US-EAST-1, which created a capacity shortage in one of the US-EAST-1 Availability Zones“.

However, the post noted that they are now seeing progress in their effort, as their first post which was on Thursday, April 21, at 1:41 a.m. (PDT) said that they are having connectivity issues reaching EC2 instances in the US-EAST-1 region.

Similarly, Amazon CloudWatch, Amazon Elastic MapReduce and Amazon Relational Database Service, with all of them are in North Virginia; are also stating the same problem with some status updates.

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