Amazon Drone Delivery: Amazon To Use Mini-Drones They Called “Prime Air” In The Future

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Amazon drone delivery: Prime Air
Credit: Amazon

Amazon is planning to use mini-drones in the future to deliver packages within 30 minutes after the order has been placed.

They called the service Amazon Prime Air and it uses an 8-propeller drones about the size of a remote-controlled airplane. The service uses a shoe-box-size plastic bins to get the orders to the customers’ homes.

According to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos as quoted by CNET during an interview on “60 Minutes“, the Amazon Prime Air is completely unmanned and relies on GPS to deliver the cargo.

“I know this looks like science fiction — it’s not,” Bezos reportedly said.

Reports said that the project still needs additional safety testing and federal approval and Bezos estimated that it could go on operation within four to five years.

Amazon envisions that these Amazon drones will be “as normal as seeing mail trucks on the road today” when it finally operates.

A demonstration video of the service has been uploaded by Amazon on Youtube, embedded below:

Amazon Drone Delivery: Amazon Prime Air Demonstration Video
Credit: Youtube / Amazon

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