Amalgamation changing faces in one photo by Micael Reynaud goes viral (Video)

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An animated video, as shown below, in which a technique called Amalgamation was applied, was created by French motion graphics artist Micael Reynaud, and shows changing faces in one photo, is now going viral.

Changing faces in one photo
Image Credit: Micael Reynaud/Dunun

As noted at Daily Mail on Monday, November 21, 2011, the GIF file featured the black and white photos taken by Michael Jang and were combined into a single photo, and uploaded as a 1:24-minute changing face video.

According to the report, Reynaud first uploaded the video at on Sunday, November 19, and has earned thousands of views and receiving tons of positive reviews.

“My objective is to create surprising works.” Reynaud was quoted as saying, whose company named Dunun creates and develops what he describes as ‘original, interactive and ludic multimedia projects’.

Apparently, the video, with the background music of Treeship by Memory Tapes, shows different blurred faces transforming from to one to another with a likely waterfall effect. Images of different people, from young to old, male and female, were used.

The changing-face video is also popular at websites such as Reddit, Imgur and YouTube, and has reached over a million views combined. Micael Reynaud also shared the video via his Twitter and Google+ accounts.

Amalgamation, changing face creation
Video Credit: Micael Reynaud/Dunun/YouTube

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