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Amalayer girl interview: Paula Salvosa says she regrets her actions but plans to sue (Video)

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Manila, PhilippinesPaula Jamie Salvosa, the so-called Amalayer girl has aired her side on the incident inside the LRT station, as shown in the video below. The original video, which was taken last Tuesday without her knowledge and went viral worldwide, showed her speaking in English and expressing her anger to a lady guard.

Amalayer girl Paula Salvosa

Paula Salvosa, during the TV5 interview
Image Credit: TV5 video

As aired at TV5‘s ‘Andar ng mga Balita’ on Friday, November 16, 2012, Paula Salvosa granted an exclusive interview and spoke live for the first time after the incident and explained her side of the story, noting that she also plans to file a libel case and is willing to face all the parties involved to resolve the issue.

“I do regret my actions, but I don’t think I deserve all this,” Salvosa told TV5, adding that the impact of the incident has severely damaged her reputation, after the video was spread all over Facebook and the hashtag #amalayer went trending on Twitter, earning tons of mixed reactions, mostly negative comments.

Last Wednesday, GMA-7 reported that a YouScooper named Gregory Paulo Llamoso sent to them a video of the incident, where Paula Salvosa can be seen yelling at a LRT lady security guard in public, asking repeatedly, “I’m a liar? I’m a liar?” and caught the attention of train passengers and LRT security officials.

As told by Salvosa, the lady guard identified as Sharon Mae Casinas, shouted at her, and grabbed her arm, which she said has triggered her to lose temper. Casinas, who was seen keeping her posture, told GMA-7 that she only asked Salvosa to put her bag through the X-ray machine but allegedly raised her voice.

Later, Light Rail Transit Authority (LRTA) reportedly released a statement, noting that Casinas has apologized to Salvosa for whatever trouble the incident has caused her, but stressed out that she did not grabbed Paula‘s hand and that she was polite when she asked her about the LRT security procedure.

Meanwhile, Salvosa told TV5 that she did not ask the lady guard to kneel before her and asked for forgiveness, contrary to what Casinas told GMA 7 earlier, adding that she was not asked politely, admitting that she answered back. She said Casinas followed her and ask her to come with her to the security office.

Salvosa said they went to the office and tried to talk in front of the security supervisor, but noted that Casinas denied she grabbed her hand earlier and is now with a lower tone voice but insisted that she did not shout at her. It was this time that she got mad and start saying “I’m a liar” which was caught on video.

On the latter part of the TV5 interview, Salvosa said she has shutdown her Facebook account because she cannot take all the harsh comments thrown at her after the video was spread out worldwide, which eve earned some ‘amalayer‘ parodies not only locally but elsewhere around the world.

On the last part, Salvosa said she is sorry for her bad attitude in public but emphasized that she is not really a bad person and was only triggered by the sequence of events. She said she plans to sue the person who uploaded the video if a lawyer will assist her, adding that she is willing to face that person and the lady guard together in an interview, and will even undergo a lie-detector testing to prove that she is telling the truth.

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“Amalayer” girl Paula Salvosa interview at TV5 (in Filipino language)
Video Credit: AndarNgMgaBalita/YouTube

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