Alzheimer’s Cause, the Poor Clearance of Beta-Amyloid Protein as Suggested by US Scientists

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Alzheimer’s cause is the poor clearance of beta-amyloid protein as suggested by US scientists after they have conducted a small study done in the University of Medicine, St. Louis. This is according to BBC News, December 10, 2010.

The team of  experts suggested that the buildup of beta amyloid is not the major cause, but the inability of the body to clear quickly the beta amyloid substance from the brain.

Through a spinal tap, the fluid was collected from the control group, those without Alzheimer’s; and the study group, those with late –onset Alzheimer’s. Out of the 24 subjects, 12 of which belonged to the control group, and 12 to the test group, it was found out that there was a slower clearance of the beta-amyloid protein based on an hourly laboratory test of the beta-amyloid concentration in the blood.

The result of the study is a breakthrough in the search for a permanent cure to Alzheimer’s or a way of preventing the condition. Alzheimer’s Research Trust’s head Dr. Simon Ridley however, said that it was a small study and further researches should be conducted.

The beta-amyloid protein is usually elevated in patients with Alzheimer’s disease. Scientists should conduct more studies to determine whether the increased beta-amyloid concentration is more of a symptom or a cause.

Alzheimer’s is very common nowadays. To learn more about Alzheimer’s disease, here is a YouTube video from Alzheimer’s Association Education video.

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