Alyssa Kramer, teen girl says words backwards correctly in 3 seconds goes viral (Video)

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Alyssa Kramer, the teen girl from Poteau, Oklahoma who is capable of talking backwards or can say words backwards correctly within 3 seconds, as shown in the video below, now goes viral.

Alyssa, talking backwards within seconds
Image Credit: 77Kittycole/YouTube

“You can say any common word to Alyssa. She will pronounce it backwards the proper way in 3 seconds or less. She’s a freak. Lol” A statement reads in the description on the original YouTube video.

As shown in the video, which was uploaded back in July 2011 and has currently over 1,764,000 views, Alyssa is inside a car along with other teens not known if they were classmates or friends or relatives, and a girl asked them to test her to talk backwards by saying a word which she claims Alyssa can say backwards correctly within 3 seconds.

Apparently, Alyssa was tested by the teen boy seated beside her with words like “Chevrolet“, “savings”, “gallon”, “download”, “Pepsi” “asphalt”, “concrete”, “helicopter”, “fireworks”, among others.

At one point, she was not able to answer at once when the boy in front interrupted and said “Lamborghini“, but the Oklahoma girl was able to catch up with the allowed time and pronounce it backwards correctly.

Nevertheless, the testing for Alyssa to talk backwards continued with words getting more difficult such as “kaleidoscope”, “mayonnaise”, “Panama City Beach“, “air conditioner”, “American flag” and many more.

Early this week, Alyssa Kramer was interviewed live at Today’s show and hosts Matt Lauer and Ann Curry put her on tests to say words backwards, which she did successfully and impressed the audience.

Kramer, 14, said on the show that she never memorized the words backwards but rather her mind tells her the backward words right after she hears the correct ones, and also noted that she has been doing this since she was a child.

Alyssa, talking backwards saying words reversely within 3 seconds
Video Credit: 77Kittycole/YouTube

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