Alligator In Bathroom Found By A Florida Woman (Video)

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Alligator In Bathroom
Alligator In Florida Bathroom
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A 7-foot alligator was discovered by a woman inside her bathroom in the Tampa-area of Palmetto, Floridaon Saturday, April 23, 2011, according to a report by News Channel 8.

Alexis Dunbar suspects that the alligator was able to get inside her house through a doggie door at the back porch.

Dunbar and his boyfriend hold off the alligator inside the bathroom by using a small table. They immediately informed the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission who captured and took away the alligator.

Reports say, that Dunbar‘s immediate concern was the safety of her cats. According to Dunbar, “My cats are like my daughters, so I thought my cat was eaten.” She added that, “there was blood everywhere.”

However, the blood came from the injury suffered by the alligator, as it forces its way through the doggie door.

Authorities warned, that since spring time is mating season for alligators, there is a great chance that people will encounter them. For any concerns related to alligators or crocodiles, authorities’ contact number is 1-866-FWC-GATOR (392-4286).

Below is a video from NBC News, about the alligator found inside the bathroom of Alexis Dunbar.

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