Alligator Found In Detroit Rescued By Resident

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A 5-foot alligator was found in Detroit‘s east side after a truck tossed it out in a vacant lot, Detroit news sites reported on Friday, December 21, 2012.

According to WDIV-TV as reported by Click On Detroit, a black truck dumped the alligator on Thursday night as seen by neighbors who are used to seeing people dumping garbage along their street.

Shontez Gibson, a resident, helped rescue the poor animal with the help of his uncle. He reportedly captured the animal, placed it in a room with a heater and fed it with fish.

He then contacted the Michigan Humane Society which took the alligator and brought it to their facilities in Rochester Hills that handles exotic animals .

The alligator found in Detroit is now safe in its new home inside the Michigan Humane Society facilities, reports said.

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