Alexa Flutie, Daughter of Doug Flutie, Officially Welcomed as Cheerleader by the New England Patriots

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Alexa Flutie
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Alexa Flutie, daughter of Doug Flutie is one of the new cheerleaders of the New England Patriots, where her dad has been a popular quarterback. According to US sports sites, 23 year old, Alexa has been turned down 4 times before she was accepted. From about 300 girls, Alexa was one of the 31 who have made it through.

Alexa Flutie did not want to make it under the shadow of her dad, so she avoided mentioning her last name, during the tryouts.

She previously won Miss Massachusetts, and said she wanted to make it on her own for the cheerleading tryouts.

She was able to, after the strenuous and trying process, just like his dad who went through a rigorous process before playing for the NFL.

Alexa Flutie debuts as one of the Patriot’s cheerleading squad; she was officially welcomed by the Patriots last Friday, September 2, 2011.

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