Albino Kookaburra Saved By A Farmer In Australia Believed To Be The First Specimen Of Its Kind

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Two rare albino kookaburras believed to have been swept from their nests in a big storm were found by a cattle farmer on Monday, December 6, 2010 in north Queensland, Australia, international reports said.

Albino Kookaburra
Albino kookaburra
Image Credit: Eagles Nest Wildlife Hospital

According to reports, the six-week-old birds have pink eyes, pink beaks and stark white feathers. Harry Kunz of Eagles Nest Wildlife Hospital said that these new birds were the first specimens of their kind ever found in Australia.

“In the whole of Australia I know there is about three white laughing kookaburras but they are not albino, they have black eyes. For blue wings nobody knows that they exist or can be hatching in this colour.” Kunz was quoted saying.

Eagles Nest Wildlife specialist Karin Traub said that the birds are “not releasable because they are too visible.” Their color makes them vulnerable to predators.

The two rare blue-winged albino kookaburras were being cared by Eagles Nest Wildlife Hospital in Ravenshoe, southwest of Cairns and were said to be in good health.

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