Alberta Avalanche Closes Two Sections Of Trans-Canada Highway Due To Another Avalanche Threat

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The Alberta avalanche which happened this weekend took three lives in two separate incidents in Alberta and British Columbia.

According to CTV News, the bodies were already recovered and were identified as Rob Glaser and his brother Mark Glaser. The identity of the other man who was recovered in a separate incident was not released yet.

The man whose name was not yet identified was said to be with a group of 15 adult skiers from both B.C. and Alberta. An avalanche hit the group in B.C’s Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park at around 12:30 p.m. on Sunday. The unidentified man has been retrieved by his companions in the park which was located 34 km northeast of Nelson.

Reports said that Nelson Search and Rescue Team is still conducting the recovery effort together with the Nelson RCPM.

Meanwhile, two Calgary brothers, Mark and Rob Glaser, both in their 50’s were caught in the snow slide in the Burstall Pass area of Peter Lougheed Provincial Park, about 100 kilometers southwest of Calgary on Saturday.

Ed Glaser said that his brothers were planning on skiing in safe areas and even checked the avalanche bulletins before heading out.

“And it turned out to be a slight error of judgment and bad luck and that’s how accidents happen,” Ed was quoted saying.

CBC News reported that local officials already warned people since Tuesday to stay away from the area because the avalanche rating has been so high.

On Saturday, about 200 km of the Trans-Canada Highway from Craigellachie, B.C., to Lake Louise, Alta have been closed due to an extreme avalanche threat. Reports said that the roads are not expected to open until Wednesday. Furthermore, several other sections of road in southeast B.C. has been reported being closed after avalanches blocked them.

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