Alain Robert ‘French Spiderman’ climbs France’s tallest building, First Tower using bare hands (Video)

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Alain Robert, also known as ‘French Spiderman‘ recently climbed First Tower, notably France’s tallest building, using only bare hands, as shown in the video below.

‘French Spiderman’ Alain Robert, climbing
First Tower, France’s tallest building

Image Credit: ABSYNTHE Production video

As noted at Telegraph on Friday, May 11, 2012, Alain Robert climbed First Tower, located in La Defense, Paris on Thursday as hundreds of onlookers from below and from those peeking out from the windows of the skyscraper.

According to the report, the 49-year old ‘French Spiderman‘, who was allowed by the building owners to climb, reached the top of the 231-meter tall building (about 758-foot) after about over an hour, and was greeted by well-wishers and supporters.

“I knew for sure that I was going to do it … I know that nothing’s going to stop me. Sometimes I may be even afraid about me, because I know no matter (what), I will be doing the ascent and I did it.” Robert was quoted in the report.

Among other tall skyscrapers that Robert has climbed in the past include the Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur, the Eiffel Tower, the New York Times building, and Burj Khalifa in Dubai back in March 2011.

That time, the ‘French Spiderman’ climbed the Burj Khalifa, which is considered the world’s tallest building, standing 2,717 feet tall (828 meters), as part of the opening ceremony of the 10th annual ‘Education Without Borders’ (EWB).

Back in August 2010, Alain Robert climbed the 57-storey Lumiere building on Bathurst Street in Sydney, Australia, and was arrested after he reached the roof, which he reportedly climbed for only 20 minutes; with Guinness World Records noting that ‘French Spiderman‘ has already climbed over 100 towers.

‘French Spiderman’ Alain Robert, climbing First Tower, France’s tallest building
Video Credit: ABSYNTHEproduction/YouTube

‘French Spiderman’ Alain Robert, climbing the France’s tallest building
Video Credit: nocommenttv/EuroNews/YouTube

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