Alabama tornado dog with 2 broken legs crawled back home (Video)

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A dog named Mason was picked by a tornado in Alabama last April 27, 2011 but managed to crawl back home with two broken legs, as his story being featured in the video below.

Mason, tornado dog with 2 broken legs
Image Credit: Vulcan Park Animal Care/ABC News

According to WAVY TV-10, Mason, a terrier-mix dog recently crawled back home with two front legs broken after a tornado in Alabama lift him along with the roof of its owner’s house.

Apparently, Mason’s owners, whose identity remained anonymous, told reports they found the brave dog in the remains of their garage, more than two weeks after the tornado.

“He’s got two broken legs and they’re distal radial unal fractures.” Dr. Barbara Benhart told reports, who works for the Birmingham-Jefferson County Animal Control, which took shelter of the poor dog.

“They’ve not been able to be in alignment so neither one of them have healed so he had to crawl on two broken legs to get home,” Dr. Benhart added.

“This is probably the most dramatic we’ve seen as far as an injury in an animal that’s survived this long. It’s kind of tapering off, the amount of animals we’re seeing because of the storm.” Phil Doster was quoted as saying, who works for the Vulcan Park Animal Care, also in in Birmingham.

As of this writing, the dog is now recovering from a three-and-a-half hours of surgery, which include placing two plates and 17 screws, to fix his two broken legs.

Dr. Benhart and Phil Doster were joined by William Lamb to provide the free medical service to Mason, which may be returning to its owners soon.

Mason, tornado dog with 2 broken legs crawled back home
Video Credit: joshpnw2/YouTube

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