Air France 447: Last Moments before Crashing, Nose-Up, into the Atlantic

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Air France Flight 447 Path
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According to French investigators, the Air France 447’s crew struggled to control the aircraft for more than four minutes in the air before it dived, nose-up into the Atlantic Ocean; international sites reported, May 27, 2011.

Air France 447 jet had crashed on June 1, 2009 killing all of its 228 passengers. Investigations revealed nothing until the black box was found.  The Bureau d’Enquetes et d’Analyses (BEA) has finally released what have occurred in the plane before it crashed into the Atlantic based on the black box findings.

The BEA reported that the black box from the Air France 447’s recordings allegedly revealed that the speed sensors have failed and the stall warning occurred thrice. The pilots “desperately tried to regain control” but the plane began dropping 10,000 feet per minute.

The pilots tried to reverse the Air France 447 jet’s position but the plane did not change in spite of all the engines working, and continued straight to the Atlantic Ocean, with its nose up, killing all 228 on board.

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