Air France 447: BEA Released Third Report

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F-GZCP Air Craft involved
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Air France 447’s third report was released by BEA, France’s investigating body into civil aviation accidents. The report was about the downed passenger aircraft, Air France 447, which has crashed into the Atlantic Ocean on June 1, 2009 causing the demise of 228 people aboard. This was disclosed by international news sites, July 29, 2011.

BEA’s third report revealed that the pilots allegedly lacked training  to respond to the emergency situation. Reportedly, the plane encountered turbulence, causing stalls, when the captain was on a required rest with the two co-pilots manning Air France 447. The director of BEA, Jean Paul Troadec stated that the pilots could have saved the plane,  “Instead, they did the opposite of what was required.”

Due to the findings regarding Air France 447, BEA has recommended several measures which included the training of pilots so that they would be able to respond manually to high altitude stalls and turbulence. The BEA also recommended that new black boxes be installed in all air crafts.

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