After Tsunami hits Indonesia, Mount Merapi erupts (Video)

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After a Tsunami hits Indonesia, Mount Merapi erupts on Tuesday morning with 25 people have been killed, according to international news.

As of this writing, twenty-five casualties were reported while at least a dozen were said to be hospitalized due to burns, breathing problems, and others.

According to reports, Mount Merapi erupted after local authorities had been trying to evacuate more than 11,000 residents living within the slopes of the said volcano.

Incidentally, Indonesian Vice President Boediono left the nearby observation station of Mount Merapi just hours after the the volcano erupted.

Mr. Boediono was said to have visited the evacuation centers after the high alert status was announced on Monday.

Nevertheless, some people still decided to stay saying that they need to protect their homes and crops since it is their source of living.

Meanwhile, Center for Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation chief Surono told the news that Mount Merapi is ‘a little calmer today (Wednesday), no hot clouds and rumbling’.

However, the chief emphasized that ‘a lot of energy is pent up back there, and there’s no telling what’s next’.

Mount Merapi, or Fire Mountain as translated, was reported to have last erupted four years ago and killed 2 people after an avalanche of hot gases and rock fragments raced down the mountain.

In 1930, about 1,300 people were reportedly killed due to during Mount Merapi eruption; while 60 casualties were said to have been victims last 1994.

Mount Merapi can be found at the main island of Java, about 300 miles south-east of Jakarta, Indonesia’s capital.

According to local geologists, Indonesia’s geological feature known as Pacific Ring of Fire is prone to earthquakes and volcanic activity.

Experts also said that Indonesia has more than 120 active volcanoes to monitor, which are located among more than 17,000 islands of the archipelago.

Below is a news video from You Tube that can explain more about the Mount Merapi eruption.

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