After Identification of Scott Jones and Alex Thomas in Famous Vancouver Photo, Scott’s Father Says “Good News Does Sell”

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After Scott Jones and Alex Thomas were identified in the now popular picture of a couple smooching amidst a Vancouver disturbance through the use of Facebook, Scott’s father, Brett Jones has expressed on Facebook how proud he is of his son. In his profile at the social networking site, June 18, 2011, he said:

“For those asking if I am proud of Scott absolutely that he can bring love to a situation like that and help turn a negative news story to a very positive one. Maybe we need the media to always look for the positive as it shows that good news does sell.”

International news sites also reported, June 17 and 18, about what actually transpired in that event. Reportedly Alex Thomas was injured during the riot, and Scott Jones had come to her rescue by giving her a smooch and telling her it was going to be fine. This was the moment that photographer Rich Lam of Getty Images captured, and since then the photograph has been circulated online to identify the couple.

Scott Jones, from Perth Australia was identified first by his sister, and since then the popularity of the couple grew. According to Jones’ father, Scott and Alex were invited by Today Show in New York for an interview.

Brett Scott had expressed his gratitude for everyone who supported his son, stating further in his FB profile:

“We really appreciate your support and that you love the spirit of the photo. “Love amoungst the Chaos.”

Scott Jones and Alex Thomas have been assailed by the media since the incident. Jones had reportedly stated that he found the picture both “artistic and something beautiful.”

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