Aflockalypse: Massive Animal Deaths Now On Google Maps

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Aflockalypse, this is what international news sites call the recent massive deaths of animals all over the world.

It started in Beebe, Arkansas when thousands of blackbirds fell from the sky. Similar stories followed: massive fish kills in New Zealand, Arkansas River, Brazil and the Chesapeake; bird deaths in Sweden, Kentucky and Lousiana; and thousands of dead crabs in the UK.

There are still more “aflockalypse” incidents in the world that a tracker on Google Maps was created. The map provides a quick look at where these mass unexplained animal deaths are taking place. Clicking on the blue balloons will show the link to the original news reports.

Aflockalypse Google Map
Image Credit: Google Map Screenshot

According to reports, this is not the first time that unexplained mass animal deaths happened. However, these incidents today are unprecedented since those happened within a few days all over the world.

The “Aflockalypse” Google Map can be viewed here.

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