Adrianne Palicki wears new Wonder Woman costume for the first time (Photo)

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Adrianne Palicki in Wonder Woman costume

Adrianne Palicki
as Wonder Woman

Image Credit: Justin Lubin

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Adrianne Palicki wore the new Wonder Woman costume for the first time, as shown in the photo below, obtained by Entertainment Weekly on Friday, March 18, 2011.

Apparently, the new Wonder Woman costume has a slightly difference from what Lynda Carter used to wear in the iconic super hero TV series back in the 70s.

While the new Wonder Woman still has her famous headband and bullet-proof bracelets, Adrianne Palicki now wears blue tight pants (with legs covered) and blue boots instead of the usual red ones.

Last February, NBC announced that Palicki, 27, will play the role of Diana Prince (aka Wonder Woman), who was known for her role at NBC’s Friday Night Lights and in Fox’ Lone Star.

Another star included in the Wonder Woman reboot is Elizabeth Hurley, whose character runs a pharmaceutical company that creates a drug making people stronger.

On the other hand, Cary Elwes will play the role of Themyscira Industries’ CEO, a company owned by Diana Prince, using her third identity, Diana Themyscira.

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