ADP Employment Report showed 39,000 lost jobs in US for September 2010

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The ADP Employment Reports announced that there were 39,000 lost jobs in US for September 2010, and was said to be the biggest decline since the year started, as the graph shown below.

As published on today, the company said that US non-farm private sector employment went down from 106,988,000 in August to 106,949,000 in September resulting to a 39,000 difference.

The complete report, which is also available in pdf file, also revealed increase in employment from February to August, although the average monthly employment increase was 34,000.

The data, which was based on all sizes of payroll, therefore made them conclude that there is no momentum in employment in the US.

Below is a part of the ADP Employment report.

The decline in private employment in September confirms a pause in the economic recovery already evident in other data. A deceleration of employment occurred in all the major sectors shown in the ADP Report and for all sizes of payroll. The September decline in employment followed seven monthly increases from February through August. However, over those seven months, the average monthly gain in employment was 34,000. There simply is no momentum in employment.

The report also said that service-providing sector increased by 6,000 in September, but this was not sufficient to offset the reduction of 45,000 by the goods-producing sector.

The construction employment drop in September was 28,000, and manufacturing jobs reduced by 17,000, also according to the report.

The total decline of the construction employment was said to have reached 2,297,000, and has been continuously going down for three years.

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