Adm. William McRaven: Top Man of US Navy SEAL Team Six Who Got Bin Laden

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Vice Adm. William McRaven
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Vice Admiral William McRaven is the top man of the US Navy SEAL Team Six who got bin Laden. McRaven is the head of the Joint Special Operations Command, and was specifically selected by Leon Panetta, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Chief; international sites disclosed May 7, 2011.

Surprisingly, McRaven is a journalism graduate from the University of Texas but had apparently excelled in the US Navy after pursuing his Master’s degree from the Naval Post Graduate School.

He went on to occupy key positions in America’s fight against insurgents and terrorism. He; however, remained low profile, until Osama bin Laden’s death.

President Obama personally congratulated McRaven when he briefed them later about the details of Operation Geronimo, the code name for bin Laden’s special ops .

According to international reports, Adm. William McRaven is an intelligent man, who is

“…physically tough, compassionate and can drive a knife through your ribs in a nanosecond.”

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