Accelerated Recharging: Scientists Discover How to Charge Laptops and Cellphones 10 Times Faster and 10 Times Larger

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Scientists from Northwestern University in the U.S. have discovered how to charge laptops and cellphones 10 times faster and 10 times larger, as reported by BBC, November 15, 2011.

According to the report, Dr. Harold Kung’s team was able to do this by increasing the density and movement of lithium ions in the battery, using small holes (20 to 40 nm wide) for chemical oxidation.

They also used “tiny clusters of silicon so that there are more lithium ions for the battery to hold on to.”

The scientists said that the technology allows 15 minutes re-charging that could last for a week. The original speed would decline though after 150 times of recharging, but reportedly, it is still faster than the old method.

The accelerated battery recharging technology could only be available in shops within 5 years.

BBC said that the complete research paper has been published in the “Advanced Energy Materials” journal.

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