A Stuart Hughes jewelry designed Apple iPhone 4 sells for $8 million

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Stuart Hughes, a British jeweler who is well known for his expensive remakes of popular gadgets, has just designed an Apple iPhone 4 that sells for £5 million, or about $8 million.

According to international news sites, the super luxury iPhone 4 comes with 500 individual flawless diamonds of 100 carats, while the iconic Apple logo has sparkling 53 diamonds.

The $8 million iPhone 4 also comes well-protected, presented in a 7kg block of Granite in imperial pink, complete with Nubuck top grain leather finishing.

In addition, the world’s most expensive iPhone has 53 diamonds in the back, while the main navigation button is made of platinum, holding a single cut 7.4 carat pink diamond; reports said.

“It was a fantastic challenge and I am really pleased with the end result, the iPhones look superb.” As Stuart Hughes from Liverpool was quoted as saying.

Nevertheless, not many people can buy one it since there will are only two of the Stuart Hughes jewelry designed Apple iPhone 4 units available.

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