A Pregnant Robot that Gives Birth, Trains Medical Students

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Noelle, the pregnant robot, is now used to train Medical students in various educational institutions as reported by Discovery Network.  Noelle has been a significant simulation tool for normal and abnormal deliveries by would be doctors.

John Hopkins and other medical schools in the US use Noelle in their lectures and demonstrations. Medical students learn how to respond as a team to different birthing complications. The robot is hooked up to monitors and has the same characteristics as a woman in labor, except for the actual conversation between doctor and patient.

In some quarters, scientists also have some experimental robot doctors who are manipulated by their human counterparts. The experimentation though has yet to be perfected.

In the case of Noelle, she has been of great service to medical students for more than a year now. She gives birth to a baby robot many times in a day as students learn and acquire the skill of delivering a baby.

This is a video from YouTube showing Noelle giving birth.

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