A 21-Year Old Woman Was Electrocuted for Refusing Arranged Marriage

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A 21-year old woman was electrocuted for refusing arranged marriage which was commanded by her father. This is reported by International news sites, February 10, 2011.

According to reports, the woman, Saima Bibi, was electrocuted by her own father and relatives when they went to Karachi, Pakistan to convince her to go back to their village.

In Pakistan, these are labeled “honor killings,” where women have to bow down to parents’ wishes with regards to who they will be betrothed and married to.

The men in the family are given the “right” to protect the family’s honor in cases where adultery, disobedience and infidelity are concerned. The whole world however is horrified with these so called honor killings.

The Pakistani police though, has taken the father and relatives in custody.

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