99-Year-Old Gamer Umeji Narisawa From Japan Plays Bomberman Everyday (Video)

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Umeji Narisawa: 99-year-old gamer from Japan
Umeji Narisawa playing Bomberman
Image Credit: Japan Probe

Umeji Narisawa, a 99-year-old woman from Sendai, Japan still plays video games everyday, Japan Probe reported on July 22, 2011. She was recently featured on Yahoo! Games on Friday, August 5, 2011.

According to reports, Narisawa started playing when she was 73 years old. She got hooked when her grandchildren brought home a copy of Bomberman for the NES. Reports said that playing Bomberman for a couple of hours a day became part of her daily routine.

Having played the game for 26 years, the 99-year-old gamer was already an expert on Bomberman. She reportedly cleared all 50 levels of the game many times. She even beats the game twice on some days.

Reports said that playing Bomberman everyday helps keep Narisawa‘s mind sharp. Moreover, pressing all the buttons has also kept her fingers in great shape, still capable of threading a needle.

Below is a video of the 99-year-old gamer playing Bomberman:

Umeji Narisawa Plays Bomberman
Credit: Youtube / HeroOfGitar

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