$99 Wii Mini: Nintendo Launches New Wii Mini in Canada (Photo)

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Nintendo Wii Mini

Nintendo Wii Mini
Image Credit: Nintendo Canada

A $99 Wii Mini by Nintendo was launched on Tuesday, November 27, 2012 at the Nintendo Canada official website. Nintendo Wii Mini will be initially be released exclusively in Canada on December 7, 2012 for $99.

A Nintendo report say, that Wii Mini “can play more than 1,400 disc-based Wii games.” The Nintendo website described the Wii Mini as a smaller version of the original Wii system that comes in matte black with a red border.

Out of the box, Nintendo Wii Mini system reportedly comes with a red Wii Remote Plus, a red Nunchuk controller and works with most Wii accessories.

In an earlier statement, Ron Bertram, vice president and general manager of Nintendo Canada said that “Wii Mini is a great gift for the holidays that brings everyone in the family together to play. Wii Mini has a mini price, but it’s all about big fun.”

The Nintendo website reiterates that Wii Mini “features parental controls that let adults manage the content their children can access.”

For more information about the features of Nintendo‘s new Wii Mini, please visit nintendo.com/wiimini.

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