$99 Tablet Computer and ICS phone to go on top of iPad and iPhone

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$99 tablet computer and mobile smartphones, powered by Android‘s new Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS), may lead to an increase in the demands for Android products on top of iPad and iPhone, based on a statement made by Google CEO Eric Schmidt at the LeWeb conference on Thursday, December 7, 2011.

$99 Tablet Computer: Novo7 Tablet Computer

$99 Tablet Computer Novo7
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In his statement, Schmidt said that “Android is ahead of the iPhone now.” The Google CEO adds that his reason is based on “unit volume, Ice Cream Sandwich, the price is lower, there are more vendors.”

Schmidt is counting on the high volume of Android shipments and Google‘s openness to go on top of the competition with Apple.

However, reports say that Google‘s mobile OS has not won the developer’s hearts like Apple iOS has. A great number of app developers are still creating their products for the iOS first, before making it compatible for Android.

Schmidt reportedly defended Android when the issue of Android is copying iOS was raised during the conference. He reiterates that “Android was founded before the iPhone was.”

Earlier reports say that NOVO7, a $99 tablet computer, will soon be release in the US. NOVO7 is reportedly the first Android 4.0 ICS tablet in the world.

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