$99 Tablet Computer: Novo7 Tablet Computer’s exFAT Offers Seeing Video Over 4G

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$99 Tablet Computer Novo7

$99 Tablet Computer
Image Credit: Ainovo.com

The $99 tablet computer, Novo7, reportedly supports Extended File Allocation Table (exFAT) storage format that makes it possible to view video that is over 4G, according to the Ainovo website. This is the first time that a tablet computer has included the exFAT feature.

exFAT reportedly eliminates data structure overhead limitations and file size limit of NTFS and FAT file systems. The exFAT file system was developed by Microsoft and supports other operating systems that include different Windows versions, Android and Mac OS X Snow Leopard starting from 10.6.5, and Mac OS X Lion.

Video viewing experience is also enhanced with the Novo7‘s 7-inch, 800×480-pixel display.

The full-featured $99 tablet computer will be released in the US in the coming months according to MIPS Technologies. Novo7 is reportedly the first Ice Cream Sandwich Tablet Computer in the world.

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