$99 Tablet Computer: Novo7 First Ice Cream Sandwich Tablet Computer To Debut In US

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$99 Tablet Computer Novo7
$99 Tablet Computer Novo7
Image Credit: Ainovo.com

The $99 tablet computer called Novo7 that is just recently released by MIPS Technologies is set to arrive in the United States in the coming months, according to PC World.

Reports said that the Novo7 tablet computer is currently being offered in China from Ainol Electronics. There is no specific date yet as to when it would arrive in the US, but it is expected to be available in North America early next year with an expected price of $99 from Leader International and OMG Electronics.

Meanwhile, PC World said in their report that it is possible to get the Novo7 tablet computer right now from Asia for about $50 in shipping costs.

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