$99 Tablet Computer: Ainovo Introduces Novo7 To The Market

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$99 Tablet Computer Novo7
The $99 Tablet Computer: Novo7
Image Credit: Ainovo.com

A new $99 tablet computer is a new challenger in the tablet market, international technology news sites reported on Wednesday, December 7, 2011.

The new tablet is known as the Novo7 from the Hong Kong-based company Ainovo. MIPS Technologies and CPU Ingenic Semiconductor introduced the device to the market.

The Novo7 runs on Android‘s “Ice Cream Sandwich” operating system. It has a 7-inch touchscreen display and a 1GHz processor. It supports WiFi and external 3G connections. It has a front and rear facing cameras.

It reportedly comes with a Spiderman game installed and says its XBurst chip gives realistic graphics and smooth games. The battery reportedly will last 25 hours for music, 8 hours for video, 6 hours for games, and 7 hours for browsing web sites. It lasts up to 300 hours on standby.

The Novo7 is not yet available in the United States, however, it is likely to arrive early next year, reports said.

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