$91,500 Hermes T-shirt made from crocodile skin, most expensive T-shirt in New York City (Photo)

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A Hermes T-shirt made from crocodile skin reportedly costs $91,500, as shown in the photo of its price tag, pictured, and posted at TheAwl.com this Monday, March 25, 2013. The expensive crocodile T-shirt was seen in Hermes men’s store on Madison Avenue, and notably the most expensive T-shirt in New York City.

“This t-shirt, to be fair, is made out of crocodile, hence its price. Literally, the entire shirt is just luxurious, beautifully sewn swaths of crocodile. This makes it possibly rather uncomfortable, and perhaps a little heavy, for a t-shirt. Seems like you might feel a little clammy in it?” A statement reads at TheAwl.com.

Nevertheless, the report noted that buyers of that luxurious Hermes T-shirt would still pay another $8,000 sales tax, which means a nice-looking man will be wearing a nearly $100,000 T-shirt. However, he may want to imagine first how people will react, if they will know that it is made of crocodile.

Meanwhile, The Awl said they could not take photos of the $91,500 Hermes T-shirt hanging inside the store due to a very strict no-photo policy. However, the photo of the price tag says it belongs to a Tee Shirt Crocodile Light, which matches the one the male model is wearing in a photo posted at Fashionista.com.

According to Fashionista on the same day, a Hermes associate told them that chiffon crocodile shirts, which were a lot of them in their store, has a price range of $60,000-$100,000 per piece. But for the “short sleeve crewneck” version, which was found at Madison Avenue store now costs “around $90,000.”

$91500 Hermes T-shirt made from crocodile
$91500 Hermes T-shirt price tag (Left), and male model wearing Hermes T-shirt made from crocodile skin
Image Credit: TheAwl.com and Imaxtree via Fashionista

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