850 days in hospital: Adalynn Willett Spends 850 Days in Texas Hospital (Video)

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Adalynn Willet

Adalynn Willett, while in the hospital
Image Credit: WFAA

Adalynn Willett reportedly spent 850 days in a hospital in Texas. The two-year-old Adalynn was finally allowed to go home in Abilene on Tuesday, December 4, 2012 after staying at Cook Children’s Medical Center since her birth.

In an interview with ABC, the girl’s doctor explained that “The fact that we were able to manage it so that she is going home for Christmas is nice. Her job is not to be here every day being cute and smiling at me and cheering me up on my rounds. Her job is to go home and become a productive human being.”

A report by KHOU said, that when Adalynn was born, her intestines and liver were outside her body. It reportedly took 28 surgical procedures before she was able to finally recover from her complications.

The girl’s mother, Serafina Sevallos said that she “just didn’t think this day would ever come.” Sevallos further explains that “Babies that are born the way she is don’t usually make it because they have so many problems.”

Adalynn‘s heart reportedly stopped twice but doctors were able to bring her back to life.

Adalynn Willet hospital
Adalynn Willet
Image Credit: Bryan Willet

Bryan Willett, Adalyn’s father, said that he “never thought we were going to make it this far. I always hoped for it, but I never thought this day would come. It is a very exciting day.”

Reports say that Adalynn went home wearing a purple party dress.

Two-year-old Adalynn Willett is finally home after spending 850 days in the hospital.
Video Credit: ABC24News/YouTube

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