8-month-old German Shepherd Named Rebel Head Stuck In A Narrow Hole Rescued

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An 8-month-old German Shepherd named Rebel has been rescued after he accidentally trapped his head in a narrow hole in a wall in Desert Hot Springs in California, international news sites reported.

8-month-old German Shepherd, Rebel
Image Credit: AP Photo, Riverside County Animal Services

Reports said that the owner of the dog was not present during the incident when a friend discovered the dog’s situation on Monday. She tried to help the dog, but was unable to free the dog herself. The neighbor friend then called the animal control officers for help.

According to Sgt. James Huffman, one of the Riverside County Animal Services officers who responded to the call said, that the dog was breathing comfortably and was not in serious danger.

“Somehow he got in through there, so we knew we could get him out. But our main concern was not hurting him in doing so,” said Huffman.

Sgt. Huffman and his fellow officer Hector Palatox worked for roughly 30 minutes to free Rebel. They were able to free the 8-month-old German Shepherd an hour after.

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