8 giraffes on a boat ride in Kenya, to transfer to their new home

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Recently in Kenya, 8 giraffes went on a rare boat ride with their long necks being seen in the view, apparently not for pleasure, but to transfer to their new home, as shown in the photo, according to international news sites on Friday.

giraffes boat ride in Kenya
Photo credit: Samatian Island Lodge/AP

The 8 giraffes, identified as Rothschilds giraffes, were composed of four males and four females and considered as endangered species since only a few hundred individuals are in the wild, while experts say that this may be the first time to travel giraffes in Kenya through water.

The animals, also known as Baringo giraffes traveled into two groups along with some natives Ruko Community Wildlife Conservancy in the regions of Lake Baringo, using a restored boat at the Soysambu Conservancy in the Great Rift Valley.

But prior to their boat trip, the 8 giraffes were released into a holding pen for a week prior to their travel so they can adjust themselves during the travel and to their new environment, as experts revealed that these animals were among the few ones which are very difficult to be moved.

Apparently, the success of the 90-minute journey of the giraffes and the whole project hoping to increase their production took four years in planning, which was supported and executed by Northern Rangelands Trust and the Safari and Conservation Company.

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