79-year-old majorette Majorette Betty Lambert leads Resurrection Band (Video)

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Betty Lambert is a 79-year-old majorette and the leader of the Resurrection Band. She can still attract the crowd despite her old age, as shown in the video below, believed to have been taken back in 2009. She can be seen playing with her baton and even doing some tricks.

Majorette Betty Lambert

Majorette Betty Lambert
Image Credit: Zuma Press

As noted at the Wall Street Journal on Monday, September 10, 2012, Betty Lambert took up baton twirling in high school but stopped when she got married and had four children, but decided to return to her passion when she was in her 40s. She placed an ad in newspapers to find people who need a marching band.

According to the report, Resurrection Band got its name since they cleaned the old instruments that had been stored in their attics for years, and they used them again; with Ms. Lambert doing the baton twirling since she does not know how to play any music instrument.

“You don’t forget,” The 79-year-old majorette was quoted in the report; as she still twirls knives and fire-batons when it is not windy, although she recently gave up cartwheels. She is being seen every year for three decades, with the Resurrection Band playing at parades in western Pennsylvania.

“I thought this would be a phase she would go through. I say, ‘Mom, please keep it to two or three splits.'” Kim Marburger, Betty Lambert‘s youngest daughter, reportedly said, as the band played this year for the ‘Fourth of July’ celebration in Zelienople, Butler County, where she performed nine or ten splits.

Majorette Betty Lambert, leading the Resurrection Band during the Zelienpole parade
Video Credit: ButlerCoTourism/YouTube

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