78-Carat Diamond Ekati Spirit From Northwest Territories Sells In Auction For Over $6M

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Ekati Spirit 78 Carat Diamond
Image Credit: Canada.com

Ekati Spirit, a 78-carat diamond taken from the BHP Billiton‘s Ekati mine in the Northwest Territories, was sold in an auction for $6 million at BHP Billiton‘s diamond sales centre in Antwerp on Monday, February 14, Valentine’s Day.

According to a BHP press release, the huge rough diamond, found in October 2010, is “potentially the most valuable stone in the mine’s 13-year history.” About 70 potential buyers were invited to bid for the diamond. The name of the buyer however, will not be revealed publicly according to Ekati spokesman Alexander Legaree. He added that rough and large gemstones are usually bought and converted into a “spectacular” piece of stone that is set on a jewely.

The diamond reportedly measures about 21 x 18 x 13 millimeters and is considered the second largest diamond to date. It was sold more than twice the amount of the largest diamond in 2009, a 182-carat diamond also found in the Ekati mine.

Based on Ekati records, a pear-shaped, 10.22-carat gem from Ekati mine held the Canadian record of $1.2 million at auction.

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