727-pound alligator caught in Mississippi, breaks record of state’s largest alligator captured

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A 727-pound alligator was caught and killed in Mississippi by a first-time hunter and his friends, as shown in the photo below. The Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks, which sponsored the alligator hunting season, said that it is now the largest alligator to be captured in the state.

727-pound alligator Mississippi

Dustin Brockman and the 727-pound alligator
Credit: Dustin Brockman

According to NBC News, Dustin Brockman of Vicksburg was along with his his brother, Ryan and a friend named Cole Landers was in a motorboat in Mississippi River in the early evening this Saturday, August 31, when they spotted the huge alligator, which measured 13 feet and 4.5 inches long.

“We chased him for about two hours. Then we got a shot on him. We killed the alligator at 4 a.m. We waited until 6:30 (a.m.) before I called three or four more guys to help us load it into the boat.” Dustin Brockman told the report, noting that they hooked the 727-pound alligator with a crossbow before they could shoot it.

Brockman added that they spend four more hours just to put the alligator into the boat because it was very heavy. He said they had no choice but to wait in the middle of the river for the sun to rise so they can get more help.

“It’s a lot easier to find them because their eyes reflect. In the daytime, if they’re lying on a bank underneath the tree, you ain’t going to see them.” Brockman said on why it is better to search for alligators at night, noting that he plans to use the alligator’s skin for a gun strap and a picture frame and that he and his friends will eat the meat.

An hour before, Beth Trammell of Madison and her hunting party hooked a 723.5-pound alligator, which has a length of 13 feet and 5.5-inches. However, the state’s current record of the longest alligator is 13 feet and 6.5 inches, which was captured in 2008 on the Pascagoula River. Meanwhile, the state’s earlier record for the largest alligator captured was 697.5 pounds.

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