7-year old girl spent $400 of parents’ money to buy virtual items in Petville

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A seven-year old girl spent $400 of her parents’ money within an hour to buy virtual items in Petville, and it happened while the girl was just sitting beside them, as published at Daily Mail UK on Friday.

According to the report, a 7-year old girl from Birmingham named Megan Fox asked permission from her parents to play Petville and they allowed her since it is a kid-friendly game.

Petville is one of the most popular games in Facebook, where players can spend real money to buy virtual clothes and furniture for a make-believe pet.

But since Megan’s parents do not yet allow her to have her own Facebook account, her 35-year old father Mathew allowed Megan to log-in using his account, thinking it would be easier fro him to check her activities.

”She was sat next to me playing the game, asking me and her mum which dresses we preferred” Mathew said.

“We played along, suggesting which ones to buy, not realizing that she was actually spending money.” He added.

Apparently, Mathew forgot to log out from his Paypal account before he allowed her daughter to play, and it did not come into his mind that Megan is actually using it to buy the virtual items in Petville.

After about an hour, Megan finished playing, then Mathew began checking his e-mails and eventually shocked to realize what had just happened.

He said he found four receipts on his iPad, one for almost $170, and a total of $400, in which all of the transactions came from Megan while she was playing Petville.

Mathew and his wife Dawn immediately informed Facebook and Paypal hoping for a refund but was denied, and told them that the transactions were made using a legitimate account which means they were considered as authorized.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for Facebook apparently said that ‘parents needs to take responsibility for adding their details to a Facebook account. The terms make it very clear that what you’re doing is adding your payment details and once you buy something it’s bought’.

“It shows how parents need to be much more responsible for how their children use the Internet.” The spokesman was quoted as saying.

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