7-year old boy drives Pontiac for 20 miles at 60 mph to visit his father (Video)

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A 7-year old boy in Michigan drove a Pontiac Sunfire for 20 miles recently with a speed of more than 60 mph, to visit his father, as shown in the video below.

7-year old boy driving Pontiac,
being chased by police

Image Credit: freep.com

As noted at Detriot Free Press on Wednesday, June 22, 2011, the 7-year old boy from Sheridan Township was barefooted and wearing pajamas on Tuesday, when he was seen by police driving the car.

According to the report, his biological father lives about 12 miles away in the Filion area and the boy used his stepfather’s car while his mother was asleep at home.

“He was crying and just kept saying he wanted to go to his dad’s,” Caseville Police Chief Jamie Learman told the report, as a witness identified as Kurt reportedly called 911.

Learman, along with Huron County Sheriff’s Deputy Randy Britt chased the 7-year-old driver and tried to stop him, which later the kid pulled over.

Apparently, the car was reported missing since Monday and witnesses told the police that at around 10 a.m. that day, the 7-year old boy was seen driving it and was too small to see over the steering wheel.

In addition, a 16-year old boy reportedly said that the boy appeared to be standing on the floor mats driver’s seat instead of sitting on it, while driving the car that fast.

Later, the boy was returned to his mother, who only knew about the incident when the police told her, as his stepfather was not at home when it happened.

Meanwhile, it was not yet clear if a case will be filed but authorities are still wondering how a 7-year old boy could drive that fast not unless someone taught him.

Nevertheless, no one was reportedly hurt including the 7-year old driver, as his identity as well as his parents and stepfather not revealed.

7-year old boy drove Pontiac for 20 miles at 60 mph
Video Credit: freep.com

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