$7 Starbucks: Starbucks Launched Their Most Expensive Coffee Costa Rica Finca Palmilera

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Starbucks has launched their most expensive coffee at $7 per cup, as reported by international news sites on Tuesday, November 27, 2012.

Costa Rica Finca Palmilera Geisha
Costa Rica Finca Palmilera
Image Credit: Starbucks Brewery Blocks

The Costa Rica Finca Palmilera coffee is made from a very rare coffee variety, known as Geisha that is found in Central America and is notoriously difficult to grow. Reports said that Geisha coffee is considered an “heirloom varietal” because their seed stock is very pure and has not been hybridized or altered.

Meanwhile, the Jamaican Blue Mountain was said to be the most expensive variety of coffee being offered by Starbucks prior to the launch of Costa Rica Finca Palmilera, which is now the newest and most expensive.

Daily Mail noted that “the coffee is part of Starbucks’ limited edition ‘Reserve’ line and has proven a hit with aficionados.”

The $7 Starbucks coffee is the “grande” size of Costa Rica Finca Palmilera making it the most expensive coffee, while the eight ounce bag of the whole bean coffee costs customers $40. The Costa Rica Finca Palmilera coffee will only be available in 48 stores in the United States.

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