61 year-old Woman Antonia Leticia Asti Gives Birth To Twins

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Antonia Leticia Asti
Antonia Leticia Asti and her husband
Image Credit: Mariane Rossi/G1

A 61 year-old woman gives birth to twins on Tuesday night, October 23, 2012 in Santos, a coastal city about an hour south of São Paulo, Brazil. Antonia Leticia Asti, who fulfilled her lifelong dream to become a mother was discharged from the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the Hospital São Lucas in Santos early afternoon of Thursday, October 25, 2012, as reported by the Brazilian news website G1 on that same day.

“I’m extremely happy. I fulfilled my dream of being a mother. Thank God and the doctor. It was a struggle, but thanks to God, I did it. Anyone who wants a victory needs to fight. I never for a moment thought about quitting. I always wanted to be a mother. We never had a lot of money, but we saved a lot to achieve our dream,” Asti told G1.

G1 reported that Antonia Leticia tried to be a mother for over 20 years through in-vitro fertilization (IVF) procedures, but all four attempts was unsuccessful. After several unsuccessful results and before their final attempt of getting pregnant, the couple decided to adopt but it was rejected due to their age.

Dr. Orlando de Castro Neto, a specialist in assisted reproduction who have worked with the Brazilian couple since their first IVF attempt in 1992 said that the new attempt was through artificial insemination.

“Antônia had preserved embryos from the first fertilization [attempt at IVF], but the embryos have a validity of 10 years, more or less, and they were reaching their end. She said she wanted to use them for a new attempt,” Neto told the Spanish wire service Efe.

“The new attempt at artificial insemination was carried out with embryos that were left from the first procedure 10 years ago and were frozen,” a source at Neto’s clinic told Efe.

Despite Asti’s age and the risks and difficulties of becoming a mother, Dr. Neto believed that age is not an issue.

“The age didn’t matter at all. The only condition is that a woman has a uterus.” Neto was quoted saying in a report. “She did something that most people can’t manage. The hardest things in life are the most gratifying.” Neto added.

Meanwhile, the twins were delivered by c-section prematurely at 31 weeks and just weighed nearly two pounds. Sofia and Roberto as named by their parents, will remain in the hospital until they reach a healthy weight.

Below is a video report from ITN News uploaded in Youtube.

Video Credit: ITN News

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