61-year old surrogate grandmother gives birth to her own grandson

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A 61-year old surrogate grandmother gave birth to her own grandson in Illinois, as shown in the photo below, which was reported by Chicago Tribune on Friday.

surrogate grandmother gives birth
Photo credit: ChicagoTribune.com

According to the report, Kristine Casey made a remarkable baby delivery after being a surrogate mother for her daughter who has not been successful in years for trying to have her own baby.

Sara Connell, Mrs. Casey’s daughter, and her husband Bill, are the biological parents of the baby, who was named Finnean Lee Connell, and was born at 9:47 p.m. on Wednesday.

Kristine Casey, noted as possibly the oldest woman in Illinois to have given birth, agreed to carry an embryo created by her daughter’s egg and her son in-law’s sperm, delivered the baby via C-section at the Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago.

“When the baby let out a cry, ‘I lost it’. It’s such a miracle.” Sara Connell was quoted as saying and who the first family member to hold the baby since she was there, holding her mother’s hand during the delivery.

“The surgery itself was uncomplicated, and the emotional context of this delivery was so profound,” Northwestern Memorial Hospital obstetrician and maternal-fetal medicine specialist Dr. Susan Gerber told the news.

“It’s going to be more risky for somebody who’s got underlying conditions,” Northwestern Memorial Hospital maternal-fetal medicine chief Dr. Alan Peaceman said.

“Because of that, we recommend that patients have a cardiac evaluation.” Dr. Peaceman added, and also one of the doctors of Mrs. Casey.

Kristine Casey last gave birth 30 years ago and all went smoothly, and had three daughters including Sara.

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